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It’s Only a Rabbit

1986 was such an exciting time when I decided to take my daughters aged 17 and 13 on a short break from Sydney to Bathurst as being an ideal location to view Halley’s Comet come from Earth.

Excitement abounded in our venture, one daughter had all her camera equipment complete with a tripod and the other just wanted to have fun.

I decided about 3am in the morning would be the perfect time to view the Comet, so I woke the girls and off we drove to find a good viewing location. We ended up somewhere out of town in the farming area.

Both daughters jumped out of the car, one setting up her camera equipment and the other one wanting to go to the bathroom. “Just over there dear,” I said with angst.

The environment was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, then all of a sudden we heard a thudding sound which scared the hell out of us. I said: “quickly get back into the car”. My youngest had not quite finished her bathroom duties and had her pants half down whilst my eldest tried to gather her camera equipment and thrust it into the car with the tripod’s legs hanging out the window. Come on the car get into gear and out of here!

To our surprise out of the bushes came the biggest rabbit we have ever seen. “Oh mum it’s only a rabbit coming to see the comet too, can I finish going to the bathroom?”

Holiday Imagination

Taking a holiday can be fun, relaxing and in my case full of imagination. During a holiday to the Gold Coast with my husband and daughter, who at the time needed a holiday due to her workload?

Our accommodation was a high-rise apartment built very close to other apartments, so close you felt you could almost reach out and touch the other buildings.

The closeness didn’t bother my husband or myself, but my daughter could not walk onto the balcony and look at the magnificent views, which showcased the entire area including the mountains and ocean views.

On the first morning, I was enjoying a cup of tea on the balcony and said to my husband “you know if one of these buildings fell over it would cause a domino effect, as the buildings are so close”.

On hearing this my daughter just about freaked out, thinking that our building could be the first.

I beckoned her to come onto the balcony to look at the superb views. You could see she wanted to, but the height was causing her some anxiety. “Come on dear I am here the building is well built and safe”. My daughter responded with “But Mum you said there could be a domino effect”. “Oh that is just my imagination, forget what I said and enjoy the views”.

She finally walked half way onto the balcony, stopped, stretched and leaned over touching the railing; she took a mini second look and hurriedly went back inside.