Wonder Man

Who and what is a ‘wonder man’ is he for real, is the only in my dreams or does he just reside in my head and I wish he were beside me? Or is he actually here with me now?

In my minds eye he has a strong interesting personality, loving, energetic, compassionate, good sense of humor and a conversationalist, excellent vision for the future, has the ability to make one feel happy even when life goes off the rails, regardless of where or what you are doing, being that at home, out adventuring or socialising. Not reactive to insignificant matters.

His superpowers can move mountains’ or at least moves furniture around. He has the ability to handle whatever life deals, be that good, bad or horrid. Has an astonishing vision for the future, is positive with the added capacity to acknowledge that there are beautiful people and objects all around.

His visualisation in knowing that with effective planning there is nothing that can not be achieved, even though there will always be challenges in existence, he just takes them in his stride and stays optimistic, not cynical about life.

This is my response to a ‘wonder man’.

Is there such a man in your life?















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