Bottle of Galliano Eased the Problem

It was the early eighties and I was working as an Accountant for a Computer Bureau. Our main clients were the Police and Broadway Credit Unions; we handled their payrolls.

It was during one of these payroll runs when things went haywire with a system crash, leaving no alternative than to panic! Geoff, Computer Bureau Manager panicked! It is not much fun having to advise the Police their pays will be delayed.

I remembered having a Christmas gift sent to me from a client with a note “In times of emergency make a coffee with a dash of the enclosed Galliano to ease the problem”.

With a smile on my face, I dropped into Geoff’s office and gave him the replenishing Galliano coffee and left.

About five minutes later, the intercom ran, it was a most grateful Geoff asking for another special coffee.

The trouble was explaining about ‘the special coffee’ to Fred, Managing Director who had decided to drop into my office right on receiving Geoff’s call.

Fred said; “What are you up to Lorraine?”

“I am just trying to sort out a payroll problem by making Geoff a coffee”.

Geoff rang again saying; “waiting for the special coffee, can I have another?” “Sure Geoff, in a minute I am talking to Fred”. Geoff replied “Don’t give him one, they are our secret”

“OK Lorraine you are up to something, what is it?”

I opened my desk draw exposing the Galliano and said; “coffee Fred?” He responded with “Yes please!”

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