A Blast From The Past

A wonderful reflection on the past happened to me recently, when I reconnected with a lady who taught me how to belly dance over an outrageous weekend approximately 20 years ago in a quaint little railway town near Lithgow NSW.

At the time, a work colleague and best friend had convinced me that taking time out from the stresses of our work and to learn something new was going to be beneficial, rewarding and fun for the both of us.

Thinking that I could actually learn how to belly dance over a weekend was going to be a challenge, but hey I am always up for a challenge, especially when fun was going to be had.

On arriving at the weekend venue we could see a large sign ‘Bellydancers Extraordinary Here Tomorrow Night’ across the front of the next-door building, a hotel. Wow! We both thought and booked ourselves into the accommodation whilst greeting other ladies who were also up for the challenge.

A gentleman who had attended a business course during the week decided to stay over the weekend to see these belly dancers too, especially the ones learning the skill. He was completely in his element, having an array of women wanting to learn to dance.

He took it upon himself to escort us the following night to the hotel to see these Extraordinary Dancers!

Overnight this little town had grown substantially with railway men deciding to also see these belly dancers! To our shock horror, the belly dancers extraordinary were actually we learner ladies!

With some polite fast-talking and a lot of laughter enabled everyone, especially myself have a terrific weekend.

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