Best Party Ever


With all that has gone on in my life over the past twelve months or more, like separating from my ex-husband, including settling on a financial arrangement to enable myself to keep the house that I purchased entirely out of my resources seven years ago. Then to one of the saddest happenings in my life, the passing of my dearly loved 92-year-old father on 6th February.

A little under two months on I felt it was time to stop stressing and really celebrate life. So I went about planning the most amazing milestone Birthday Party ever on the 4th April.

Friends and close relatives from Sydney, including my eldest daughter, her husband and my grandsons came to Coffs Harbour to help me not only celebrate my milestone Birthday but a freedom party from the controlling ex-husband as well.

Two of my work-related colleagues from Sydney; now close friends surprised me with the musical, including singing entertainment, which enabled everyone, especially me to dance the night away. The music was so wonderful, that it encouraged everyone to dance; some who hadn’t danced for years got up and strutted around the floor. If guests couldn’t dance for whatever reason, they sang along with the perfectly chosen music.

This was the first birthday celebration without my ex-husband, whom I had known for nineteen years, but only married for the past seven years, looking annoyed at everyone enjoying their selves, especially me.

There wasn’t an ounce of sadness during the evening only enjoyment and happiness filled my house. Friends and relatives from Sydney met my friends in Coffs Harbour and the conversations just flowed abundantly.

When you are fortunate to have good friends and the most amazing family, life is good, never undervalue what you have in the decency of your chosen friends and of course family, they are the people that help you make your life so enjoyable.

I certainly value my friends and wonderful family and try not to take them for granted.


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