Exercising Whilst Doing Vacuuming

2019 commenced with minimizing those items around the house that you just don’t need, especially when I purchased a new fridge freezer during the January sales. This obviously left me with thinking what to do with the current fridge and separate freezer?

‘Facebook Marketplace’ sprung into my head as the best way to move both items.

To my surprise, within a day the bidding commenced and they were both sold to two young men who were delighted with their purchase price and condition of items.

Wow! This is good what else can I sell? The office sofa bed is too big and I am tired of pulling out the double bed for the occasional visitor and it is difficult now with my daughter Roanne is permanently living with me.

The challenge was setting up the sofa bed to take photos; both Roanne and I decided the best way was to take it out of the office and into the lounge room. This proved to be a challenge, we tried to pull it out, but the space wasn’t big enough to manoeuvre it via the hallway. We then decided to put it standing up on its side and push it through the doorway, this nearly squashed Roanne’s head. We almost gave up on, but persistence prevailed and it was out and into the lounge area for photos and its new home until sold.

After clearing out the office I decided to do a vacuum using Dyson’s extendable hose rather than the large vacuum machine. Knowing it was going to be a backbreaking job, I decided to sit on the fit ball and move around the room using the fit ball as an easy way to do the vacuuming.

Great idea, well not really, especially when I had finished and still sitting on the fit ball I reached over to turn off the power and yes, the obvious happened! The fit ball move and I went arse overhead and ended up upside down on the floor whilst yelling out!

Poor Roanne thinking that she would have to call the Ambulance came rushing into the office to find me deeply embarrassed certainly shaken, but surprisingly not hurt.

“What happened?” she yelled, I explained my method of vacuuming and she replied “that is not how the exercise fit ball is meant to be used and what a stupid thing to do”

She was right of course. I managed to get a bit of exercise and the job done, thankfully it ended OK for me.

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