Sad about the Cat

It was a wet and miserable day in Coffs Harbour the rain is unyielding.

I felt so sorry for a sales lady who visited our home to give us a quote for installing new blinds. The preparation for quoting was the easy part, the difficulty was getting my then husband to agree on a chosen style, colour and of course price.

My parting comments to the sales lady were; “shame that you have to go out again into the rain and not being able to stay indoors and read a good book”.

She replied; “oh well at least today is shaping up much better than yesterday,” I asked why? “Well whilst visiting a client yesterday to do a measurement for blinds, her cat was playing relentlessly with the strings of her blinds and scratching the couch”

The owner said: “Not sure about actually going ahead with the blinds because of the cat being so destructive to the lounge and that I should really buy a lounge first before the blinds”

My sales lady replied with: “I guess you could wait until the cat dies then you can buy both the lounge and the blinds”

The sales lady then said; “you are not going to believe this, the owner of the cat phoned first thing this morning advising that after I left her house the cat got out and committed suicide by being run over by a passing car”

She then looked around and asked, “Do you have a cat?”

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