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Tiger in the House

IMG_3378.jpgHow your life can change in an instant when you have a three-month-old tabby kitten in the house called ‘Tiger’.

You need to be mindful of everything within his reach, move plants; especially plants that are poison to cats, and anything that he can manage to chew or knock off a table.

Thankfully a spray bottle with water has managed to discourage him off coffee and dining room tables and of course the kitchen bench.

He is so cute, but there are places he can go inside the house and places that are off limits, like my bedroom or the office where there is too much he can attack, like cords coming out from the NBN and computer.

Tiger is my daughter’s kitten that she rescued from RSPCA after completing her certificate 111 in Fitness, a nice congratulations reward of a kitten.

He has only been with us for less than a week and he seems to have settled in nicely and knows that we are both friendly. He manages to place himself next to my daughter most of the time, or me, whichever looks like they have something of interest. He also manages to seek out that perfect spot indoors, like underneath the dining room table sitting on two chairs at once, falls asleep then falls off, as he hasn’t balanced himself adequately.

My daughter recently lets him go outside onto the balcony for a look around and to explore the outside world, which of course he did and managed to collect any piece of leaf, stick or potting mixture. Like all cats, they must explore, although different sounds scared him off and he would run back inside in a flurry.

Listening to his little feet pounding up and down the hallway most of the day is so funny to listen and watch, as he hasn’t managed to slow down when a wall nears his vision. There have been a few hits and misses, but he is getting better. His agility is amazing with using a tiny soccer ball toy, which he plays around the house, is like a professional footballer, actually probably better than some footballers.

Feeling Special on Mother’s Day


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Every mother deserves to feel special, especially on Mother’s Day.

I certainly felt very special, commencing with visiting my youngest daughter Roanne, who had planned an eventful day and a surprise. She had purchased the previous day, from a dog breeder a tiny Chinese Crest female 8-week-old puppy suitably named Sasha.

No, Sasha wasn’t for me, not having any children herself, only a Himalayan seven-year-old cat, she planned for some time to buy a little dog and thought Mother’s Day was a great opportunity to show off her new purchase.

On entering Roanne’s townhouse, whilst aligning the stairs there was the cutest little puppy you could imagine greeting me at the top of the stairs, she was too small to attempt a stair descend. Sasha couldn’t contain her excitement of seeing yet another human, although she kept looking back to see if her new owner was still in view.

Roanne’s plan for the day, which included sampling wines at our favorite relatively local winery, Two Tails Winery in Nana Glen, somewhere we hadn’t visited for many years, then an evening meal at our favorite Indian Restaurant.

The bonus of the day was a lovely gift of my favorite perform and of course little Sasha.

Being entertained whilst sitting and watching the antics of an 8-week old puppy trying to convince Roanne’s cat Coco to play was amusing when all the cat wanted to do was push this weird thing out of the house. Sasha would run up to Coco and bark with the sound of “come to play with me”. Unfortunately, this action just scared the life out of Coco to the point of backing off and scurrying away to higher grounds, like a chair or bed, as long as it was out of the sight of this little annoying puppy.

It will take several weeks for both cat and little puppy to get used to one another, but over time and with the love and care for both pets from Roanne, she will have her own little family.

We managed to drag ourselves away from the entertainment to enjoy our wine sampling, visit back to the townhouse, then off to enjoy our Indian evening meal.

What an amazingly wonderful Mother’s Day spent with my daughter and her pets.


Being Entertained by a Cat


My life has dramatically changed over the past six months, especially with happily having my youngest daughter residing with me. Included in this deal is inheriting a 5-year-old Himalayan cat named Coco with a nickname of ‘Old Man’, due to his snoring.

Over these last six months, there hasn’t been a day go by without experiencing the unusual personality of a Himalayan cat. One minute a sloth and the next minute full of mischief and charging up and down the halls, in and out of the rooms, hiding in the cupboards or underneath beds, most of all we are entertained by his mischief antics.

It is like having a naughty little child, who actually knows that what he is up too is sometimes a no, no!

As soon as I commence preparing the evening meal especially if there is meat or chicken on the menu, Coco comes bouncing out of where ever he is lazing about and sits right where you are trying to prepare the meal.

With his gorgeous blue eyes looking up at you with that “what about me” look on his face. Who would not give into him and say, “ok here is some”.

Within seconds of devouring the food, he is back by your side wilfully gazing at you again!

Watching this little cat relax back on his hind legs getting ready to pounce at trying to get something off the coffee table or wilfully jump onto the ‘no-go kitchen bench top’ is so funny, especially when he charges off into the opposite direction after he has been caught. Giving you the impression he didn’t do anything wrong, yes right!

Coco has recently taken up a new role of guarding the front door when the main door is left open. He just sits there gazing out of the screen door, watching everything that happens, cars driving by, people walking past and insects flying around. Sometimes he has a visiting neighbour’s cat, and then he does his little cat-singing episode, which is a bit eerie!

If anything other than a cat comes directly to the front door he scurries off and generally hides underneath a lounge. Our big brave guard cat is not so brave after all!

Being entertained by a hyperactive/sloth cat called Coco is something that gives me a lot of pleasure and most of all it is free entertainment.

Sad about the Cat

It was a wet and miserable day in Coffs Harbour the rain is unyielding.

I felt so sorry for a sales lady who visited our home to give us a quote for installing new blinds. The preparation for quoting was the easy part, the difficulty was getting my then husband to agree on a chosen style, colour and of course price.

My parting comments to the sales lady were; “shame that you have to go out again into the rain and not being able to stay indoors and read a good book”.

She replied; “oh well at least today is shaping up much better than yesterday,” I asked why? “Well whilst visiting a client yesterday to do a measurement for blinds, her cat was playing relentlessly with the strings of her blinds and scratching the couch”

The owner said: “Not sure about actually going ahead with the blinds because of the cat being so destructive to the lounge and that I should really buy a lounge first before the blinds”

My sales lady replied with: “I guess you could wait until the cat dies then you can buy both the lounge and the blinds”

The sales lady then said; “you are not going to believe this, the owner of the cat phoned first thing this morning advising that after I left her house the cat got out and committed suicide by being run over by a passing car”

She then looked around and asked, “Do you have a cat?”