Revisiting Your Life

Having being part of someone’s life for nearly 20 years and finding out that part of your life is over is difficult to pick yourself up and start all over again, but I did!

Although this was a difficult time in my life, I never lost my real self. Having such a wonderful array of connections in my family and friends was what helped me to survive.

The hurtful way that my ex-husband gave me an ultimatum of his way or the highway choice. Gave me no alternative than to say, “there is the door”.

Being basically a strong personality there wasn’t any choice as there wasn’t any opportunity for discussion. We were basically too different from each other and he had an extremely complex personality, something that I found too difficult to deal with and he was in denial. My life with him was a constant compromise.

Our relationship was formed on pure physical attraction and it didn’t grow beyond physical. This was the major contributing factor as to why the marriage didn’t last. Over time a good relationship grows beyond the original physical attraction and deepens into an emotional relationship and you grow as a couple, something completely void in our marriage.

Eighteen months on and I am totally at peace with the decision and looking forward to closing this part of my life with a divorce pending and of course a ‘divorce party’. Best of all not having to compromise!

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