Feeling Special on Mother’s Day


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Every mother deserves to feel special, especially on Mother’s Day.

I certainly felt very special, commencing with visiting my youngest daughter Roanne, who had planned an eventful day and a surprise. She had purchased the previous day, from a dog breeder a tiny Chinese Crest female 8-week-old puppy suitably named Sasha.

No, Sasha wasn’t for me, not having any children herself, only a Himalayan seven-year-old cat, she planned for some time to buy a little dog and thought Mother’s Day was a great opportunity to show off her new purchase.

On entering Roanne’s townhouse, whilst aligning the stairs there was the cutest little puppy you could imagine greeting me at the top of the stairs, she was too small to attempt a stair descend. Sasha couldn’t contain her excitement of seeing yet another human, although she kept looking back to see if her new owner was still in view.

Roanne’s plan for the day, which included sampling wines at our favorite relatively local winery, Two Tails Winery in Nana Glen, somewhere we hadn’t visited for many years, then an evening meal at our favorite Indian Restaurant.

The bonus of the day was a lovely gift of my favorite perform and of course little Sasha.

Being entertained whilst sitting and watching the antics of an 8-week old puppy trying to convince Roanne’s cat Coco to play was amusing when all the cat wanted to do was push this weird thing out of the house. Sasha would run up to Coco and bark with the sound of “come to play with me”. Unfortunately, this action just scared the life out of Coco to the point of backing off and scurrying away to higher grounds, like a chair or bed, as long as it was out of the sight of this little annoying puppy.

It will take several weeks for both cat and little puppy to get used to one another, but over time and with the love and care for both pets from Roanne, she will have her own little family.

We managed to drag ourselves away from the entertainment to enjoy our wine sampling, visit back to the townhouse, then off to enjoy our Indian evening meal.

What an amazingly wonderful Mother’s Day spent with my daughter and her pets.


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