Great Gatsby Night


Nothing describes the Gatsby Era more explicit than F. Scott Fitzgerald fictional novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. It was the 1920s an era of extremes of wealth and decadence.

Attending a recent Great Gatsby Annual Ball event, hosted by three local musical groups with a friend at downtown Park Beach Surf Club was a hoot. Everything from the moment you walked into the upstairs area of the surf club demonstrated the 1920s flawlessly. The room was decked out in the 1920s era; tables were beautifully decorated with large white feathers in high glass vases, candles adorned around pearl necklaces and the seating shone with gold shimmering coverings. It made us think we had stepped into a different era, well done Park Beach Surf Club!

On glancing around the room you could see hundreds of magnificent looking women in Gatsby gowns and furs, men is suitably clothed suites some with hats and artificial cigars. Some of the women pretended to smoke their cigarettes in long-stemmed cigarette holders.

We seemed to blend beautifully into the crowd with our outfits, which were in step with the 1920s style of headgear; feather Boer, sparkling top, long gown and artificial fur.

On arrival, we were greeted by two smiling men, one looking like a gangster. They handed us our free glass of wine tickets and we were encouraged to mill around the bar area with the other guests prior to taking up our places at one of the beautifully presented tables.

It wasn’t long before the entrées were placed, alternate drops, in front of us enabling a bit of entrée swapping to happen if we didn’t like what we received. Same alternate drop with the main meal. The choices were excellent selections and perfectly presented, which is not normal for a surf club. Park Beach Surf Club is the exception.

Dinner over it was time for best-dressed announcements followed by the racy music of the 1920s. Again a lot of thought had gone into ensuring the music was perfectly selected recordings and it encouraged almost everyone to head to the dance floor. Some of us, like me, thought that a quick Charleston moves would be in order, well only for a few dance moves. Perfect workout especially when a wine is being consumed.

This is one event to definitely attend again for next year!

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