Tiger in the House

IMG_3378.jpgHow your life can change in an instant when you have a three-month-old tabby kitten in the house called ‘Tiger’.

You need to be mindful of everything within his reach, move plants; especially plants that are poison to cats, and anything that he can manage to chew or knock off a table.

Thankfully a spray bottle with water has managed to discourage him off coffee and dining room tables and of course the kitchen bench.

He is so cute, but there are places he can go inside the house and places that are off limits, like my bedroom or the office where there is too much he can attack, like cords coming out from the NBN and computer.

Tiger is my daughter’s kitten that she rescued from RSPCA after completing her certificate 111 in Fitness, a nice congratulations reward of a kitten.

He has only been with us for less than a week and he seems to have settled in nicely and knows that we are both friendly. He manages to place himself next to my daughter most of the time, or me, whichever looks like they have something of interest. He also manages to seek out that perfect spot indoors, like underneath the dining room table sitting on two chairs at once, falls asleep then falls off, as he hasn’t balanced himself adequately.

My daughter recently lets him go outside onto the balcony for a look around and to explore the outside world, which of course he did and managed to collect any piece of leaf, stick or potting mixture. Like all cats, they must explore, although different sounds scared him off and he would run back inside in a flurry.

Listening to his little feet pounding up and down the hallway most of the day is so funny to listen and watch, as he hasn’t managed to slow down when a wall nears his vision. There have been a few hits and misses, but he is getting better. His agility is amazing with using a tiny soccer ball toy, which he plays around the house, is like a professional footballer, actually probably better than some footballers.

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